Who we are

We are AlchemICT 

Accelerating your effortless success by creating the change that works.



We take personal talents as a fundamental asset building and boosting businesses. That's why we embrace a people-first approach: we look at 'the person behind de professional' first, bringing their talents in alignment with the business mission, so that both and the individual and the business can be effortless successful.

At the Alchemict Alignment Academy to teach Leaders and Teams how to develop Aligned Leadership and achieve Agile Excellence to accelerate their success.


We believe when you invest in people, they in turn, invest in you and your business. When you acknowledge talents, grow leadership and communication skills, forge structures, build and develop the way people work supported by the right technology, you will see how they if aligned come together to create genuine progress.


Business leaders often presume technology to be the elixir of their success. After 25 years of experience leading complex Geo Information & Communication Technology (ICT) projects we are convinced that personal Inspiration, Creativity and Talents (ICT) is where the real Magic is in your Business.

Stand Out, while Fitting In 

All our consulting, coaching, mentoring and training has been designed to help change businesses. We teaching people "How to Stand out, while fitting in" making them paramount.

Our Secret of Effortless Success.

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 The Founder's Journey 


  I'm  Ellen

People call me the 'Art-of-Alignment Accelerator'.  I am an international Change Leader, Transformational Business Mentor, Speaker, Trainer, Coach and the #1 International Best-selling Co-author of The Law of Brand Attraction.

My passion is understanding and helping people to be their best selves effortlessly, so that they are able to unleash their full professional potential being fulfilled every day again. 

Besides being a nurtured Beta Brained Business Consultant I am an natured Visual Artist fond of watching people my whole life.

I became an expert "reading" people: exploring their uniqueness, revealing their talents and understanding their behavior.

I do sense misalignments.

'Work' can be so much more than 'just work.'

Research shows that more than 70% of all professional are not really happy in their job. I was one of them for a long time. So I know what ‘being out of alignment’ feels like.

Since childhood I tried ‘to fit in’ educational systems and organizational structures and lost myself throughout the years. Just as many other professionals do: Holding up a professional façade not fulfilling their full potential. I had fallen into the trap of being who I thought I ‘should’ be, living with the fear not being valued.

This has lead me to develop the S.U.C.C.E.SS. Strategy over the last 10 years. A systemic by now proven step-by-step strategy to establish alignment creating the sustainable change needed for each authentic professional to unleash their full future-fit leadership potential, contributing effortlessly boosting their business. Whether the business is big or small.

My mission is to inspire, touch and encourage at least one million purpose driven professionals worldwide (regardless of age, education and career path) to “Stand out, while fitting in” being unique and effortlessly successful