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They had their Succes Strategy Call 

Anouk Ghijsels

Operational Manager

"Job-less and legg-less" I was in the hospital. Helpless and hopeless. Personally, I really didn't know how to proceed. The conversation with Ellen turned out to be a godsend. Six months later, I was back on two healthy legs, full of self-confidence. I had a new, very nice job and time left to spend with my kids again."

Paul van Hegelsom

Educational manager IT ROC

"Rather desperate I was when I did call Ellen. If anyone could get my team moving, it was her. The people in team were not collaborating at all. In the coming year something really had to change. After listening to me, she suggested an approach that got the team moving within two weeks. I should have called her much sooner!"

Michelle Coert

Instructor Haircare

"Years earlier I should have called Ellen. I procrastinated because I was afraid of 'negative shit'. I wasn't happy. I could not take more. Many people gave me advice that did not help me. With Ellen I got to know myself again in a positive way. The 'shit' never came. Now I dare to choose, I do what really suits me and meet people where I dare to be myself. I am empowered having fun while working. I enjoy life and oh ... on top of all this, I got rid of my chronic abdominal pain."