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I am Ellen Loopstra 

Leadership Coach & Business Alignment Mentor

International Best Selling Co-Author of  'The Law of Brand Attraction'


Individual, Team and Business Success

Effortless Entrepreneur





" If what you DO is in ALIGNMENT with who you ARE
you will be FULFILLED

no.1 International Bestselling Book

The Law of Brand Attraction

Talking to a American women in a Clubhouse Call 2021

"Are you The Ellen Loopstra of the book The Law of Brand Attraction?" 

"Uh, yes" 

"Oh My God !! Did you know you saved my life! ?" 

Get your copy of ‘The Law of Brand Attraction’ – my No.1 International Bestselling book which I co-authored with 24 extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Sharing expert advice, insights and strategies to help businesses grow and have sustainable success.

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From the view of socially responsible entrepreneurship, buying this book you support the Clear Sky Children’s Charity. This Charity in the UK supports -in alignment with my own mission- children who struggle with the current learning methods.


My Mission

Inspire, encourage and teach at least one million professionals worldwide effortlessly




By teaching and coaching individuals, teams and organizations how to contribute effortlessly in their own unique and meaningful way. A way that fits the systems and structures of which society is build, so that we create more positive business cultures, building thriving teams while fulfilling professionals full potentials and boosting businesses.


Two birds with one stone

As ‘Leadership- & Business Alignment Mentor’ I accelerate the success of leaders, their teams and their business by bringing personal talents in alignment with the professional mission so that both the individual professional and the business are Effortlessly Successful.

People-First Approach

Passionate about a people-first approach building businesses . Within the whole of business structures, systems and human dynamics I create the change that works. I am the mentor of mindset, motivation, mentality and manner of working that are needed to naturally achieve results and accelerate success.

From Struggle to Success

I have struggled with educational and organizational systems for decades. I was determined to comply to the expectations of society and my surroundings. I was constantly adjusting myself. I lost who I really was. Just as many other professionals do: Holding up a professional façade not fulfilling their full potential.

One Simple Strategy

That struggle lead me to developed the S.U.C.C.E.SS Strategy over the past 10 years. A by now proven systemic step-by-step method with which I guide individual professionals (regardless of age, education and career path) and teams within a year to their to double their achievements with half of the effort effortlessly.

Who's success accelerated

My Promise

You can also learn how to  be Effortlessly Successful 

Regardless of age, education or career path


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Some REcomMendations

What they experienced

Effortless Manager

Ellen knows how to approach the procedure of changing an organization from the right balance between technology and the human factors. You would be crazy if you do not want to work with her. Read more...

She is capable to successfully wrap up a really complex project within an organization where mutual cooperation is far from the norm. She breaks through barriers and guides a process of which I can be proud.

Willem Jan van Tilborg


Effortless Entrepreneur

Huge insights have changed my focus entirely. Now it Is clear what I really want, which makes my work a lot more fun, I don’t have any pain anymore and keep growing. Read more...

After conquering my hesitation to open myself up and expose myself entirely to Ellen (people tend to talk in our town) a lot has happened. Ellen turned out to be sincere, epathetic, humoristic and goal-oriented. Huge insights have completely shifted my focus. What I really want is clearer, my focus sharper and my work a lot more fun in the end. Above all the pain that I felt for a long while in my body disappeared, miraculously fast. That alone is priceless. Commercially it also pays off in ‘no-time’. By now I don’t have one business, but four.


Bart Oudendijk

Entrepreneur  |  Building eNGiNeeR


When I asked Ellen for help I hoped that she could start a movement in the team. Now a year later she has surpassed even my wildest expectations. It is now a strong self-steering team. Read more...

One of my first teams had wasn’t working as well for a while. A feeling of unsafety took the upper hand and there was barely to no communication. With a relative minimal effort she managed to get the team to work together well again. The team members are looking for each other again. Within a short period of time they went through a merge and an educational transformation. They are all looking forward to it again. She has made it so that I can be good for what I am supposed to do: Managing.


Paul van Hegelsom




You freed me from the stigmatising ‘DISC-label’ that I wore and made me feel stuck. You gave me back my confidence, teached me to see through the dynamics and stimulated me to do more close to who I really am. That gives an incredible feeling of freedom. Read more…

From our first contact within the project, you truly wanted to know who I really was and what motivated me. That made me happy. After a handful of playfully asked questions you could already put it to words. I got the ‘DISC-label’ sticker put onto me in the past. Because I learned how to see through the dynamics at work I learned that I didn’t need to look for another job. I found joy again in my work!

Barbara Buitenhuis




I now know who I truly are and I am able to make choices that feel really good. I have been really well ever since Ellen’s coaching. Something that my parents also noticed. Read more…

After the talent test and some homework what I got just before the coaching session that only consisted of an afternoon of relaxed talking at Ellen’s kitchen table – that was truly everything- I understand myself. My parents still question what happened that one afternoon at the kitchen table.


Jarno Oudendijk



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